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IVG Rubber Hose

IVG Rubber HoseADT Flexibles are Distributors of IVG mandrel built rubber industrial hose.

IVG are involved in the production of industrial rubber hoses to convey powders, granular, liquid or gas products. Their systems and services include the Oil & Gas sector, food, chemical, agricultural, construction, rail, naval and steel industries.

Experience, flexibility, production process and network represent IVG’s strongest points.

IVG industrial organization, is one of the most advanced in their sector, combined with their experience acquired in the five continents, allows them to develop and personalize products according to each customer’s request.

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OIL HOSE – Designed for suction and discharge of a wide range of petroleum products, also for aircraft refueling. Available for use in ATEX areas

AIR HOSE – Suitable to deliver compressed air and used for heavy duty applications in road construction sites, quarries and mines. 

WATER HOSE – Suitable to deliver water for all industrial uses, agriculture, artificial snow, fish transfer and constructions.

HOT WATER HOSE – Suitable to deliver hot water and steam in chemical and food industries. Designed for conveying cooling water in steel mills, foundries and glass industries, available with heat resistant cover.

STEAM HOSE – Suitable to be used with saturated steam until +210°C (+410°F) and 18 bar (270 psi) working pressure in chemical and petrochemical industries. Available according to EN ISO 6134.

CHEMICAL HOSE – Suitable to be used on discharge platforms and mobile and fixed installations of oil and chemical industries. Available with couplings and different tubes, suitable to be used in ATEX environments.

FOOD HOSE – Suitable to convey food and drinks (wine, alcohol, beer, olive oil, fruit juice) and potable water, manufactured according to international specifications and available also with couplings. Phthalates free.

VENTILATION DUCT – Lightweight and flexible hose, designed for ventilation or extraction of dust, fumes and light abrasives.

AUTOMOTIVE HOSE – Silicon or rubber products suitable to be used in cooling systems of cars and industrial vehicle engines. Designed for conveying hot air or fluids like water mixed with anti-freeze liquids.

FIRE HOSE – Reel booster hoses for delivery of water and extinguishing fluids. In accordance with international specifications.

RAIL HOSE – Designed for air brake systems on rail carriages and locomotives, cable protection and sanitary connections of train toilets. In accordance with the strictest specifications in the railways field and suitable for temp up to -50°C (-58°F).
The rubbers and all the constituents elements of railway hoses are made and tested to ensure the best technical result and maximum safety.

TRUCK HOSE (TANKER OFFLOAD) – Suitable to convey many products (abrasive materials, milk, hot air, flour, petroleum or chemical products) for uses on tank trucks or suction excavators.

CABLE HOSE – Used to protect and cool high electrical cables in automatic welding systems, steel mills, glass works and electric furnaces. Available also with flame retardant cover.

WELDING HOSE – Designed for gas delivery. Suitable to convey acetylene, methane, oxygen, GPL and nitrogen for welding. In accordance with ISO 3821.

PERISTALTIC HOSE – Softwall rubber hose with a thick wall used in Peristaltic pumps and suitable to convey various fluids

ABRASIVE MATERIAL HANDLING HOSE (ABR) – Suitable to convey concrete, plaster, grout, sand and gypsum. Designed for sand blast or plaster machine. Available up to 100 bar (1500 psi) working pressure.

HUMIDIFIER HOSE – Suitable to deliver steam at low pressure for humidifiers in air-conditioning systems.