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PTFE Smooth Large Bore

Hyperline SB is a smoothbore, medium wall premium grade, seamless extruded PTFE Tube with a Grade 304 Stainless Steel Wire Braid. The choice of the PTFE polymer, together with the extrusion, heat treatment and quality control programmes, is designed to produce the best quality PTFE tube possible, ensuring permeation and maximum flexibility.

This range of Hyperline SB PTFE hose has been developed for general purpose use.

Hyperline SB has a smooth bore, permitting fast, clean fluid flow, but is limited in flexibility and kink resistance, particularly in bore sizes above ¼”. For flexibility Hyperline V is preferred, for flexibility and flow, Hyperline FX is preferred.

Hyperline SB is available in the following grade:

Hyperline SB,SS – Natural PTFE Tube, external 304 Stainless Steel Wire Braid.

To special Order, Hyperline SB can also be supplied with an Antistatic (AS) PTFE liner tube (Hyperline SB,AS,SS) or with a Double Braid of Stainless Steel Wire (Hyperline SB,DB).



Temperature Rating – The temperature rating is from -70° (-94°F) to +260°C (+500°F), but the maximum working pressure (MWP) must be reduced by 0.5% for each 1°C above 130°C (0.5% for each 1.8°F above 266°F).

Pressure Resistance – The Pressure Ratings are as listed and adjusted for temperature, for the Stainless Steel grades. If higher working pressures are required, a double braid hose can be requested to special order.

Full Vacuum Resistance – Hyperline SB is not designed for vacuum resistance, Hyperline FX is more suitable to such applications. The smaller sizes of Hydperline SB may be fully or partly vacuum resistant, dependent upon the application conditions.

Diffusion Resistance – Hyperline SB is not designed for High Pressure Gas applications (above 140 Bar or 2000 psi). A specially processed hose design is required. For advice, please contact Aflex Hose.

Assembly – Assembly of Hyperline SB to standard Hydraulic End Fittings, together with Ferrules supplied by Aflex Hose is straight forward.

Applications – Automotive, motorsport, refrigeration, high pressure steam and many other industrial applications in general, wherever the excellent chemical resistance and temperature resistance of the hose are required.

Caution – Hyperline SB can be “kinked” if care is not taken, particularly sizes ½” and above. If this is a problem, use Hyperline FX or Hyperline V.


Specifications (Hyperline SB, SS only)

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