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Pharmaline PTFE Hose

Pharmaline PTFE Hose Specification

Pharmaline is a unique, genuinely smoothbore PTFE-Lined hose product, based on a patented PTFE hose liner tube design.

Pharmaline is designed to overcome the very poor flexibility of currently available similar smoothbore products.

Pharmaline PTFE Hose

The only products which can match the flexibility of Pharmaline are convoluted PTFE lined hose products, sometimes misleadingly referred to as “smoothbore” or “smoothflex”, even when the bore is actually convoluted.


Pharmalex (leaflet available) is a lower pressure, lighter duty alternative to Pharmaline. Pharmalex is the same as Pharmaline, but without any wire braid, and with a transparent silicone Rubber cover.


Pharmaline is designed for use in high purity Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical and Foodstuffs application areas where ease of cleaning the hose is required, both internal and external.

It is also very suitable for use in other general industrial applications, particularly those where hot fluids or gases are being passed, and if there is any risk of burns due to accidental touching of the hose – for example, hot oil or steam transfer applications.


  • Pharmaline can be used to replace silicone rubber hoses, particularly where the much better chemical resistance and ease of cleaning of the PTFE hose liner is an advantage.
  • Unlike silicone rubber hoses, Pharmaline can be steam sterilised any number of times, without degradation of the hose liner.
  • Pharmaline can be used to replace conventional smoothbore PTFE lined hoses in applications where the much better flexibility of Pharmaline is an advantage.
  • Pharmaline is smaller in O/D and lighter in weight than its nearest rival product because the construction does not include any glass fibre filler layers. The PTFE weight per unit length, however is higher.


Pharmaline GP has a PTFE hose liner tube, manufactured from PTFE material in accordance with FDA requirement 21 CFR 177.1550.

An antistatic option is also available, Pharmaline AS, using liner material in accordance with the FDA requirement 21 CFR 178.3297.

Both Pharmaline GP and Pharmaline AS have been tested and the PTFE liners comply with USP Class VI, including the Elution (Cytotoxicity) test.

Both include grade 304 SS wire braid and a Platinum Cured white silicone rubber cover (Post-cured 4 hours at 200°C in accordance with requirements for USP Class VI). The Silicone Rubber material is in accordance with FDA requirement CFR-177-2600.

ATEX – Attestations of Conformity and Labelling are available for the Pharmaline range of hose and hose assemblies.


  • Temperature Range: -60°c (-80°F) to +200°C (400°F).
  • Pressure vs Temperature – Pressure ratings are as listed up to 130°C (266°F), then reducing at 1% per 1°C (1.8°F) up to 200°C (400°F).
  • Vacuum – All sizes fully vacuum resistant up to 130°C.


Further technical information related to PTFE material, Antistatic specifications, usage requirements and limitations, testing and flow rates etc. is available in the Bioflex and Corroflon Product Information pages on this website.


Sanitary and Mini Sanitary Triclamp (Triclover) fittings in 316SS, with bores electropolished to <0.375µm (<15µ in).

I-Line Fittings, Compression Fittings, BSPT and NPT Male, Flanges, Camlocks, DIN 11851, RJT, SMS, RJP and others are also available to special order.


“Relink” Self Assembly, Re-usable end fittings are also available for end fitting types as listed above.

These can be assembled and disassembled by the customer, and are to a Patented Design.

Hose Bore Size Actual Hose Bore Size O/D of Cover Minimum Bend Radius *Maximum Working Pressure *Burst Pressure Weight per Unit Length
in mm in mm in mm in mm PSI Bar PSI Bar lb/ft kg/mtr
39904 6.4 0.27 6.8 0.46 11.6 39906 19 2000 130 8000 520 0.11 0.17
40028 9.5 40028 9.5 0.61 15.5 1 25 1500 100 6000 400 0.14 0.22
39845 12.7 39845 12.7 0.77 19.5 37257 38 1000 70 4000 280 0.25 0.37
40030 16 40030 16 0.96 24.4 2 50 950 65 3800 260 0.35 0.52
39906 19 39906 19 1.07 27.3 37258 63 900 60 3600 240 0.42 0.65
1 25.4 1 25.4 1.37 34.8 4 100 750 50 3000 200 0.57 0.88
1.5 38 1.53 38.8 2.035 51.7 6.7 170 550 38 2291 158 1.14 1.698
2 50 2.03 51.5 2.56 65.7 8.27 210 400 28 1783 123 1.58 2.355

*These pressures only apply if Crimped Fittings are assembled.

For all hose sizes, Relink Fittings are only usable up to 16 Bar (230 psi) Maximum Working Pressure.