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Hyperline FX PTFE Hose

Hyperline FX PTFE Hose Specification

Hyperline FX is unlike any other PTFE hose product currently available

The PTFE liner tube is smooth bore on the inside but convoluted on the outside, to combine the ease of assembly and high flow rates of a smooth bore hose with the flexibility and kink resistance of a convoluted hose in one product.

Hyperline FX PTFE HoseHyperline FX is designed to be used in place of Smoothbore Hose when improved flexibility is required, and to replace Convoluted Hose when improved flow characteristics or easier assembly is required.

Hyperline FX is available in the following grades:

  • Hyperline FX, TO – Natural PTFE Tube Only, no braid.
  • Hyperline FX, AS, TO – Antistatic Black PTFE Tube Only, no braid.
  • Hyperline FX, SS – Natural PTFE Tube external 304 stainless steel braid
  • Hyperline FX, AM – Natural PTFE Tube , polyaramid fibre braid
  • Hyperline FX, AS, SS – Antistatic Black PTFE Tube, external 304 stainless steel braid
  • Hyperline FX, AS, AM – Antistatic Black PTFE Tube, polyaramid fibre braid.

To special Order, Hyperline FX can be also be supplied with a Polypropylene or Kevlar Braid, To special order, Hyperline FX can also be supplied with a Polypropylene Braid, or with a Stainless Steel braid with an EPDM or Silicone Rubber Cover, or a PVC, Nylon or other Plastic Cover, printed if required.

Specifications for Hyperline FX, SS or FX, AS, SS Only. (For Hyperline FX, AM and FX, AS, AM, apply the factors shown in RED)


Temperature Rating : The temperature rating is from -70° (-94°F) to +260°C (500°F), but the maximum working pressure (MWP) must be reduced by 1% for each 1°C above 130°C (1% for each 1.8°F above 266°F).

The maximum working temperature for the Polyaramid Fibre braided hose is +180°C (+365°F)

Pressure Resistance : The maximum working pressures are as listed, up to 130°C (266°F). The design of conventional auto convoluted PTFE hose liner permits internal “pressing out” of the convolutions inside the braid over time and under temperature and pressure, leading to premature failures. The narrow and highly compressed web sections of Hyperline FX are much more resistant to pressing out, hence a much longer service life under pressure can be achieved.

Tube Only grades can only be used at pressures up to 4 Bar (60 psi) up to 130°C (266°F) and are not fully vacuum resistant.

Full Vacuum Resistance : Stainless Steel braided Hyperline FX hose is vacuum resistant up to 130°C (266°F).

Reduced Diffusion Rates : The way the Hyperline FX tube liner is made, by web compression without fracture, surprisingly generates a much improved resistance to gas permeation, compared to any other type of smooth bore or convoluted PTFE hose. Much lower diffusion rates can therefore be achieved.

Excellent Flow Rates : Due to the non turbulent flow through a smooth bore hose, Hyperline FX flow rates for a given pressure drop and actual bore size are 2 to 3 times higher than for a convoluted PTFE hose. (This applies to the hose itself. If end fittings are applied, however, which introduce a smaller bore at the ends, this multiple is reduced).

The ‘whistling’ noises created by the turbulent flow of gases or steam through convoluted hose are eliminated in Hyperline FX.

Excellent Internal Cleanability : Internal cleanliness and self-drainability are optimised by the smooth bore. This eliminates ‘pockets’ of fluids trapped in internal convolutions. ‘Bridging’ with solid particles is also eliminated.


Easier Assembly : Hyperline FX is very flexible, and is designed to replace conventional flexible tape wrapped convoluted or auto convoluted PTFE hoses in applications where faster, cleaner fluid flow or ease of assembly is paramount. SS or MS ferrules and crimp diameters can be supplied to suit any conventional hydraulic hose tail end fittings.

Problems associated with assembling fittings to convoluted hoses, such as leakages, the need for special or sleeved spigots, the need to de-convolute disappear – Hyperline FX is literally as easy to assemble as any smooth bore hose.


  • Automotive and Motor Sport – replacing conventional PTFE hoses in ESP systems, fuel systems, braking systems and oil lines.
  • Refrigeration – refrigerant feed lines to freezer plates, where the high resistance to permeation, together with the flexibility and chemical resistance are primary advantages.
  • Steam and Gas Lines – where the smooth bore ensures non turbulent gas flow, leading to noise free operation at higher flow rates and longer service life.
  • Industrial applications in general where the ease of assembly to end fittings together with the higher flow rates, chemical and temperature resistance and resistance to permeation make Hyperline FX the optimum choice.
  • Not suitable for use in applications requiring PTFE lined and Flared End Fittings – for such applications only Bioflex is suitable.

Hyperline FX – The PTFE hose which surpasses all others for ease of assembly and technical advantages.

Quality Assurance, Certification and Approvals

USP Class VI

Natural and antistatic PTFE hose liners, platinum cured silicone rubber covers (white and clear) and EPDM rubber cover (blue) have been tested in accordance with USP protocols and are found to conform to the requirements of USP VI chapter <88>


The materials used to manufacture the natural PTFE tube liner conforms to FDA 21 CFR 177.1550, and the antistatic PTFE liner conforms to FDA 21 CFR 178.3297.

Nominal Size of Hose Actual Hose Bore Size TO Only Outside Dia SS Braid Outside Dia Minimum Bend Radius (x 2.0) **MWP (x0.7) Burst Pressure (x 0.7)
in in mm in mm in mm in mm psi BAR psi BAR
1/4 0.27 6.8 0.354 9 0.378 9.6 3/4 19 1300 88 8400 580
3/8 0.394 10 0.49 12.5 0.534 13.5 1 25 1200 80 7500 520
1/2 0.536 13.6 0.64 16.28 0.69 17.5 11/2 38 900 60 5500 380
5/8 0.658 16.7 0.795 20.2 0.825 21 2 50 750 50 5200 360
3/4 0.78 19.8 0.913 23.2 0.948 24.1 21/2 63 625 42 5000 350
1 1.039 26.4 1.193 30.3 1.25 31.3 3 75 580 40 3800 260

**MWP = Maximum Working Pressures