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Bioflex PTFE Hose

Bioflex PTFE Hose Specifications

Bioflex is a smoothbore, highly flexible, PTFE lined hose. Its design overcomes the disadvantages of conventional smoothbore and convoluted PTFE flexible hose designs, dramatically improving on many of their individual technical performance parameters.


The key feature of Bioflex PTFE hose is the PTFE liner design, which comprises integral rib sections which support the tube against kinking, vacuum and pressure, and highly compressed web sections which gives a smoothbore inner surface and excellent flexibility.

Bioflex is a smoothbore, highly flexible PTFE lined hose. Its design gives customers the best of both worlds – a smoothbore PTFE Liner, with the flexibility normally associated with a convoluted hose.

Bioflex’s unique design is patent protected. The PTFE liner comprises integral rib sections (which support the tube against kinking, vacuum and pressure) and highly compressed web sections (which give a smoothbore inner surface and excellent flexibility).

Bioflex is available with a choice of braids, external protection, end fittings, electrical trace heating or steam heating.

Comparison with Silicone Rubber Hose

  • Hygienic Cleanability – Much better, due to highly polished inner surface finish.
  • Chemical Resistance – Considerably improved, particularly to strong oxidising acids and bases.
  • Temperature & Pressure Ratings – Much higher temperature and pressure capability.
  • Steam Resistance – Permanently resistant to steam sterilising (unlike silicone hose, which has a limited life).

Comparison with Convoluted PTFE Hose

  • Hygienic Cleanability – Vastly improved, due to smooth bore and hygienically polished inner surface.
  • Flow Rates – More than 100% higher.
  • Pressure Ratings – More than 50% higher.
  • Gas Permeation Resistance – More than 150% higher.
  • Flex Life at Temperature and Pressure – More than 50 times the life, dependent upon conditions.

Maximum Operating Temperatures (internal fluid)

  • SS Braid -70ºC to +260ºC
  • PB Braid -30ºC to +100º
  • SS,RC and SS,FP -40ºC to +140ºC
  • SS,SI -40ºC to +180ºC
  • KYB -40ºC to +120ºC

(For external temperature limits, reduce maximum temperature by 20ºC)

Testing – Each hose assembly is pressure tested to 1.5 times the MWP as defined above.

Identification – Each hose assembly is supplied with an identification ring which includes the hose description, working and test pressure, date of manufacture and a unique serial number for traceability purposes.

Certification – Pressure test certificates, and Certificates of Conformity can be supplied. 3.1 Material Certificates to EN10204 can also be supplied if requested with Order. ‘CE’ marking in accordance with the European Directive 97/23/EC will be applied.