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Food Grade Polyurethane Ducting

ADT Flexibles have a range of polyurathane hoses and ductings which are ideal for use in the food industry.

Please follow the links below for more details or contact one of out sales team who will be happy to help you choose the correct product for your application:

EOLO PU FOOD – Suction of liquids and dry food such as grains, animal feed, sugar, flour etc. Suitable for fatty foods, but not for milk or dairy products.

VULCANO PU H 09ET– PU ducting for use in Food processing plants, pharmaceutical industry, and anywhere resistance to microbes is required.

VULCANO PU HD 12ET– PU ducting for use in the food processing, pharmaceutical industry, grass cutting machines, street cleaning vehicles.

VULCANO HDS 15ET– PU ducting for suction and transport in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry. For street cleaning vehicles, in the chemical industry, and for all applications where microbes resistance is required.

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Other food quality ductings are available from our Norres range