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AIRDUC-PUR-350-FOOD-AS-EN – Anti static food and pharmaceutical ducting,               medium to heavy duty

AIRDUC-PUR-351-FOOD-EN – Food and pharmaceutical ducting,
medium to heavy duty and reinforced

AIRDUC-PUR-350-AS-EN – Anti static polyurethane ducting,
medium to heavy duty, microbe resistant +flame-retardant

AIRDUC-PUR-355-AS-EN – Anti static polyurethane ducting, heavy duty
microbe resistant + flame-retardant

PROTAPE-PUR-301-AS-EN – Anti static polyurethane hose, super-light,
microbe resistant + flame-retardant

PROTAPE-PUR-330-FOOD-EN – Food hose and pharmaceutical ducting, light duty

PROTAPE-PUR-330-AS-EN – Anti static polyurethane ducting, light duty, microbe
resistant + flame-retardant

TIMBERDUC-PUR-531-AS-EN – Anti static polyurethane ducting for the wood
industry, light duty, flame-retardant

TIMBERDUC-PUR-532-AS-EN – Anti static polyurethane ducting for the
woodworking industry, medium-heavy duty, flame-retardant

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NORRES, established in 1889, is a global player and a leading manufacturer of industrial hoses, hose systems and other innovative High-performance plastic products. By constantly endeavoring to develop new product and system ideas, optimize existing ones and design made-to-measure solutions for a wide range of industries and customer requirements, NORRES supports you in your efforts to secure product advantages and cut costs with innovative solution strategies.

A broad spectrum of complementary services and consulting further relieve the strain on your budget and boost your productivity.

Products – more than flexible

NORRES’ certification to ISO 9001:2008 underlies our consistently high standard – from purchasing through product development to production and shipping. Our total quality management concept plays a key part in the comprehensive fulfillment of our service pledge. NORRES hoses comply with a wide range of standards and specifications in the most diverse industries, including the ATEX Directive, UL approvals, FDA conformity and numerous other food regulations.

Simply good is not good enough for NORRES – total quality is the benchmark by which we measure our performance!

Innovations – simply future

NORRES innovations and standard products are designed to help you solve even the most complex technological challenges. All research and development activities are systematically integrated with our in-house Engineering department, which evolves the optimal solution to meet your technical specification.

Numerous novel and patented ideas have been – and continue to be – brought to market, reflecting our long-term objective of consolidating and extending NORRES’ leading position.